Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Smeared Ink end of term/new release hop

Today is the Smeared Ink End of Term/New Release Hop...and you should be coming here from the Lovely Black Dragon's blog... I have really been looking forward to this hop especially after I saw all the new images that are being released (pics at the bottom of this post) but the image I got was so perfect for me! I have so many plans...I can't wait to use it on a scrapbook page!!! eek

ok I'll show you what I have made today.....I'm so happy with it!

Its a notebook that I have been keeping all my pregnancy stuff in....like appointments and little bits about how I'm feeling...kinda like a journal just recording things that I think are interesting and that I think baby will like when he/she grows up....and things I'll probably forget...ugh I don't know where my mind is these days!!!!

I used guesso to cover the whole base of my book...I really like that some of the checker still shows threw...I think it gives it a little something more...then I got green, orange, and purple paints and squirted a dab on an old credit card and scraped it across the book to create the background, then I took some shimmery white and painted a spot for my new cute lil dragonfly family to set, then glued that in, then I took the Joy from the Symbology of Angels set and stamped that across the top, and put two little flowers in each corner from the Killer Bo Peep Build a Garden set. and colored them in with some sharpies....

I sure hope you like it and it inspired you a little

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Alison said...

This image is certainly perfect for you! Where's you mind? It just gets worse darlin'! :) I think your notebook is soooo cool! What a great idea to make your own...I always bought mine. This is way cooler. Love the colors too...not baby pink and blue. Great job!

Alex said...

Kapree, this is perfect and just wonderful! Hate to tell you, but pregnancy brain is what it is and it is here to stay :). All worth it though and you adjust, I promise!

Carol said...

Fabulous card, love the colors, TFS

Steph said...

Beautiful journal and what a great idea to write things down along the way. Congrats on your new addition too :)

Jane said...

I love your notebook a fantastic idea to keep notes
Luv Jane xxx

~Lady B~ said...

Awwwww! I had happy tears seeing this as it is so perfect for you and your growing family! I'm sooo excited for you! Awesome job coloring this adorable image!

Sugar said...

aww! this is soooo cute!! what a great idea. I'm so happy for you

DK Spins said...

Love your notebook, Kapree! You show-cased the perfect image for you wonderfully. Your little one will love reading it one day, as will you.

blackdragon said...

This image is just perfect for you, isnt it?
I love what you have done with it... and as has been said before... none of the usual pink 'n' blue.... i kept my 'baby' notes in an EEYORE diary... can you believe that!?
You have PREGNANCY BRAIN... i have SENIOR MOMENTS..... think they are very similar.
Much love to you and gummy-bear...
Auntie BD xxx