Monday, August 8, 2011

New weekly challenge

ugh Mondays suck! I'm so tired today...couldn't sleep...I feel like I'm sleeping with a basketball (she is something like 14 inches long and just over 2lb)...I go to the Dr today...maybe he can suggest help Mondays along the brilliant minds behind Smeared Ink have begun their weekly challenges on Smudgy Antics...starting on Mondays! you know me I love a good challenge!

last week we kicked of the challenges with a week full of them...called it Smudgefest...there were lots of prizes and fun all around! so today for day one of the regular challenges...they are challenging you to "Create a project that features splatter, drops, splodges, or blots." and you must use at least 1 Smeared Ink stamp on your project....

here is what I came up with.

I used the free digi I got from entering last month's challenges and glimmer misted my papers...I made some bigger drops with the blue by spraying inside my glimmer mist lid and shaking it out...pretty cool if you ask me...I really wanted to think outside the box with this first reaction was blood...of course...but I really like how this turned out...but now I want to make a bloody card :) I also used a senti from the occasions grumpies and kinda made it an over the hill birthday card...lots of b-days in Aug for me...I also used another of my fave glow much fun!
thanks for taking a go see what the rest of the DT has created for you splatter droppy splodgie viewing pleasure!


Creepy Glowbugg said...

This turned out very cool! I like the fact that you didn't use blood (like) drips, but that is always fun too!
Get used to not sleeping. It's your future as a parent. One of those secrets no one tells you until you are already preggers. One lady told me I would lose a tooth and gain a shoe size! Nice. Neither happened, but what a wretched thing to tell someone!

ike said...

FABULOUS card - I love those creepy little skullies.
Perhaps you can say it's bat poo:-D
Shame about "Bump" .... maybe you will sleep good tonight ?!!
Ike xx