Friday, September 17, 2010

Wild Rose

ok I know I have talked about the Smeared and Smudged site like a million times but hey I love here it is again
at the S&S there are really cool challenges probably one of my favorites is the Rock n rolla challenge....if you cant tell from allot of my cards...I love music all music...well as long as its good...anyways so this challenge is featuring one of my fave songs...and singers...if you know nick cave then you'll probably think I'm twisted...but then again if you know nick cave your there!
here is my card for this challenge...
I got a new Bombshell stamp today and I just couldn't wait (oh and the sketch is from the bombshell site) is the video if you wanna check it out...LOVE IT!

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Vicky said...

Oh! I have not heard this song for such a long time. Thanks for sharing.