Sunday, September 21, 2014

Favorite Mistake

I created this journal page today while thinking of my snoozing 3 yr old...she is such a joy in my life and I'm so glad that she likes to be crafty with me!
I created this page with a seahorse that she had altered for me, the horse is from Smeared Ink. and I got him all colored up and set him down to go get my scissors so I could cut him out and while I was gone she took him and added some color, I was a little upset because it had taken me a while to color with the shading and all, I didn't really yell at her just kinda said "Millie that was mom's, your not suppose to color mom's pictures just your own" and she said "oops sorry mom" melted my heart! so I gave her some of her own pictures and went and colored me a new sea horse and kept this one as a reminder that she loves to help, and when I thought it was a mistake, it ended up being an awesome journal page!

PS this happened back when I made these canvases...and ya used the same colors and stuff

1 comment:

Matney said...

Wonderful background. So shiny and sea like. Great textured bubbles and love that extra color on the seahorse =). Fab story and can see your shading!