Monday, November 18, 2013

Anything goes

Today is the beginning of a new challenge for the Smudgy Antics.
This time the theme is super easy….ANYTHING GOES

so there you have it complete freedom!
I have been thinking allot about my babies latley (one is still in me kicking like crazy) so I created a 2 pg layout of the one not in my belly still...
isn't she a scream! I love this lil girl...she's so crazy all the time!
I took some eyes from Smeared Ink's Anatomy 101 (looking eyes) and then just combined everything and added my pics...I love how this page looks and I can't wait to get it printed and in a book!

ok so check out what the other girls have created and enter this challenge for yourself!

1 comment:

Matney said...

Hahahaa, that saying goes so perfect with any kiddos that age! They get into so much in seconds. Beautiful girl and just love all those pics. You have your hands full w/ that sweet girl.