Friday, May 13, 2011

Smeared And Smudged Member hop

This month our theme was technique….we all chose something different…as you have probably seen…(you should have come here from Sugar’s blog)

For my card today I have used the Faux Barnwood Technique as I saw it on the technique junkies site.

I used one of the girls from the Chicks Dig Guns Smeared Ink Stamp set…I colored my girl with colored pencils. I just thought this image was fitting…all rustic and country looking :)

Here is what I used and did for my technique…

Materials needed:

(1) White (base) cardstock, Foam brushes, Light acrylic paint, Dark acrylic paint, Elmer’s/white school glue

(2) Paint cardstock with dark color. Make sure the paint is applied evenly (some cardstock showing threw is ok) let this layer dry completely.

(3)And then paint on a thin layer of glue. Allow the glue to dry for only a few seconds. The glue will have a milky appearance and be tacky to the touch.

(4)Then, paint on a layer of the light paint.

Note: The thickness of the each acrylic paint layer will have different effects on the final crackle, You may have to experiment to achieve the desired results while adjusting the thickness of the layers.

Here is a bit closer look at the background paper

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thanks for stopping by…and here is the hop order in case you get lost

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Judi B said...

wow, this is pretty neat, loved the effect and will certainly try it