Tuesday, November 30, 2010

She's Everything

here is a neclace/ box set I made inspired by the SlipKnot video "Vermillion Pt 1" this is the 2nd video for the Smeared Ink Forum

here is an image from the video

and here is what I made

I took a small gift box and glued my image onto it, the image is from Tiddly Inks and I colored her with water colors then I put UTEE on in it to make it super shiny....I then took a domino painted it with silver and again put UTEE on it...this time I did like 4-5 coats and then stuck a butterfly stamp in it and let it cool then removed my stamp and put some black in on it. I took one of my vials that I got from Smeared Ink and put a green butterfly in it....he wouldn't hold still for the pic;) I'm giving this to my sis for her b-day I hope she likes it... oh next to the image it says "she is everything and more" from the song...

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Alison said...

Wow! I LOVE this! First, it's so rad that you were inspired by Slipknot. But it's alos just an amazing piece on it's own. Too cool!