Tuesday, June 7, 2016

cloth pad info

but look at that...Daryl, Ghostbusters, Jason, even van gogh
there were allot of questions about my post earlier today, and that makes me happy, I'm glad some of you are curious, and if I don't answer all your questions please feel free to email me {at Kapreec at Gmail.com}
so here are some sights to look at if you have lots of questions about cloth pads
 but the reason I switched is
-for starters they can be so cute! any fabric I want, and its just there, it kinda makes my time of the month exciting...ohhh which one do I get to wear today :)
- with disposables I was always itchy and uncomfortable, and by the end of my cycle I would have a rash on my legs from where the pad would rub...made me wonder...what the heck is in these things..answer: allot of harsh chemicals.
- I was using cloth diapers for my son, so why not for me too ;)
- shorter cycles!!
- great for my 72 hr kit :)
these are just some of "my" reasons, there are a ton out there and I have more reasons I wont get into here, but just know I'm not crazy, I love to sew and this is what I choose to sew right now :D

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