Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Prize winnings from Susan

my prize winnings from Susan arrived today!!!
here is a pic of everything...but it doesn't do it justice
there are all sorts of trims and fuzzy things, a bunch of napkins (that I have so many ideas for) some scrapbook paper, a cozy, some lil beads and embellies, two books about sisters (so excited I love my sisters!) I got a rubber stamp and some clip art of cats, oh and there is a Christmas count down thing to make with lil pockets and die cuts...stay tuned that is going to become an album and scrapbook pages. oh so much stuff not to mention all the digital images I have already received, and I know I have more packages in the mail from other companies...I'll be sure to mention when I use this stuff so you can see it better. Ok I'm off to admire it one more time then put it away...maybe :)
thanks again Susan!!! you rock!

oh ya and this tea (sorry DH was looking at it when I took the pic) goes perfect with the cozy, and it smells amazing!!!

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ike said...

WoW - what a cozzmic collection of Goodies - you are so lucky with that mega prize AND all those Gift Vouchers for Digis too wasn't it. Can't believe such an awesome prize :-) xxx