Sunday, August 29, 2010

burlesque mermaid

Over at the Bombshell Stamps they had a few challenges, one was a sketch and the other was to make a card, layout, altered item,etc inspired by Burlesque. So I combined them!
this is what was said about Burlesque

By the 1880s, the genre had created some rules for defining itself:
* Minimal costuming, often focusing on the female form.
* Sexually suggestive dialogue, dance, plotlines and staging.
* Quick-witted humor laced with puns, but lacking complexity.
* Short routines or sketches with minimal plot cohesion across a show.

so I used a bunch of sparkles and bling, then used some "sexually suggestive dialogue" it says "you only wish you had fins like this!"


Carmen said...

She's brilliant! Love the sentiment! Ahahaha!

I'm returning your visit to my blog and am so glad you did! Mmmmm Bill! Om nom nom!

Bombshell Stamps said...

Whoa!!! Freaking gorgeous color and glitter on the mermaid! I love the colors you used :D