Wednesday, November 25, 2009

gingerbread house

I was blog hopping and came across this cute idea on Paige Dolecki's blog so I just had to make it…this is what I did

Finished size is 2.5" square with 5.5" height.

Paper Dimensions you'll need:
4x4" Brown Bag Cardstock
6x12" Brown Bag Cardstock
4.75"X4.75" Brown Bag Cardstock

1. Create the box base with the 4x4" brown bag.
- Score .75" in at all sides
- Cut slit on ONE side of each of the scored squares in the corner
- Use HEAVY DUTY adhesive (I used glue dots) in the corners to adhere.

2. Score your 6x12" at the following dimensions (starting from one side):

- 2.5", 5", 7.5", 10"

score .5" along the top edge (you will fold this down and adhere after you've embossed to make the top edge of your box sturdier!)

3. Stamp your house design in Chocolate. Note that the "front" of the house should be on the second panel - this will keep the seam away from the front of your house!

4. Add your adhesive!

- NOT SHOWN - fold down your .5" lip at the top of the house panel and adhere now. This will give the top of your box a sturdier edge.

- To build the box put adhesive on the bottom and on the side that is the last panel of your house (the smaller 2" blank edge will be folded inside).

5. Roll your box bottom along the bottom edge of your house lining things up!

- Make sure your box is squared up as you adhere your long house edge.

- When you have everything adhered gently place your hand inside and press all the edges to make sure things are stuck down good and tight!

6. Make your roof lid with your 4.75"x4.75" Brown Bag Carstock piece.

- Score at 1" on all sides and then do your stamping.

7. This is how your lid will look.

- Now cut one slit at each of the corner squares and assemble exactly as you did your box base!

8. Optional - add a bit of Chocolate ink to distress and "bake" your gingerbread.

9. Add a pretty ribbon around the whole box and you are ready for the holiday gift giving season!

This little house is just perfect for a small bag of chocolates, a couple of envelopes of gourmet cocoa, some spiced cider, some special soaps or anything else you want to present that would fit!

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