Monday, September 28, 2009

Gel Card

What I did was...

I cut my 12*12 white cardstock in half and folded it to make a 6*6 card

then I measured about an inch in from the edges and made a mark so I knew where to stamp my fishes…I centered my “cranberry” fish and stamped all the “outdoor denim” fish around him (I stamped these directly on my card)

I used my Paper cutter and cut the outdoor denim cardstock just smaller than 6*6 (I don’t know exact measurements) and cut a window 1 inch from the sides and 1 ½ inches from the top/bottom. I then distressed the edges inside and out

I filled the bag with just a little bit of the gel then added some Stickles (or glitter) & smoosh it around (you really don’t need much gel a little goes a long ways)

I cut as much as I could off the top of my bag (above the ziplock seal) then taped it to the inside of the blue paper. You can add reinker to color the gel (or use colored gel)

I then added my saying with brads and taped it to the card…The picture just doesn’t do it justice it so cute (and fun to play with) enjoy!

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